About Us

“Practice like you perform” is at the very core of Stefonik.  All percussionists desire better technique, speed and control, yet struggle with volume, lack of practice space and costly equipment.

Likewise, any musician knows how many long hours of practicing must go into a single performance.

Every individual has the choice of just the right stick, mallet or beater that best suits their musical goals for a given performance.

It is that need to replicate in practice what will happen in the actual performance.

No practice pad or synthetic surface can achieve what your real instrument feels like.

Along comes Stefonik, the simple yet effective way to cover your sticks, mallets and beaters for effective practice.

No longer prematurely wear out your ear or gear.

Stefonik is designed to take out some of the sharpness of the initial attack, while slightly adding resistance to build better chops.

There is simply no need to wear out sticks and mallets while practicing.

Simply slide Stefonik on, and when you’re ready for that final run through, slide it off.

It’s that simple.

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